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Kamp Kiwanis - Owned and operated by the New York District Kiwanis Foundation

Directions to Kamp

Map section of of NY showing location of Rome

Of course you have to be in Upstate New York first! But, as that old saying goes, "All roads lead to Rome" there are many ways to get there! And, once you get to Rome, the rest is easy. Just follow Route 69 West from downtown Rome about 7 miles to ...

1st in series of 2 enlarged Rome Area Maps

the Lee Valley Road at Lee, NY. You will see a sign for Kamp Kiwanis on the right at the turn. Turn RIGHT onto the Lee Valley Road and travel .3 of a mile.

2nd in series of two enlarged maps of Rome area
Kamp Kiwanis Sign

Once you are on the Lee Valley Road, the next left turn is Kiwanis Road. Turn LEFT onto Kiwanis Road and just keep going, about .7 of a mile. You're nearly here! TURN Right when you see the following sign:

If you'd like to get directions from your location, follow this link to Mapquest.