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Morgenroth Drama Center

drama center Plaque on Drama Center

A number of years ago the District lost a great man and fellow Kiwanian, Seymour "Cy" Morgenroth. Cy, as he preferred to be called, served his club, division, and district well. To honor this fine gentleman, the money donated in his honor was used to create this new arena for young children to find self expression and thereby foster greater self-esteem.

After many years of planning and work, the Drama Center came into existence in 1997. The New York District Key Clubs through their fund raising efforts, played a vital role in making this new asset to the Kamp a reality.

The Drama Center, as seen here from the Administration Building, is the large gray building on the right side of the picture. Conversion of the former Arts and Craft building required new walls, a new roof and the installation of a roll-up door on the side facing the road. The building on the left in the picture now houses Arts and Crafts activities.

In the fall of 1996 a rear entrance door was installed in preparation for the ramp shown here and a stucco finish was applied to the exterior walls.

Rear Entrance on Drama Center

In the spring of 1997, and just in time for the Kamp sessions, a ramp to permit those with physical handicaps to access the stage area through the rear door was built and the stage was constructed.