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Lower Cabins

Path to Lower Level at Kamp Kiwanis

A wide variety of trees and plant life line the path through woods from the pond level to the lower level. The walk is an adventure unto itself and a challenge to the knowledge of even the best naturalists. Benches are positioned along the path for those who want to stop and enjoy the view, sounds and smells.

Other paths marked with the letter "K" painted on the trees, lead the more adventuresome even deeper on guided hikes through more remote areas of the woods and along the stream.


The cabins on the lower level are similar in rustic design to those on the upper level but they were built a great number of years earlier when the camp hosted only boys. The older cabins sleep eight campers and two counselors.

For many years the cabins had no electrical service but it is now being extended one cabin at a time. As electrical service is installed, ventilation fans are put on the roofs of the cabins to provide increased air flow on hot summer nights.

Lower Cabin Group 1

One of the newer cabins on the lower level, the Palangi Cabin (shown at left) is larger and is a model for future cabin development at the Kamp.

In the spring of 2004 the cabin was insulated and wallboard installed to allow it to be used during cooler times of the year.


Some cabins have been adopted for repair and upkeep by individual Kiwanis Clubs as special service projects. At right is a sign marking one such cabin, supported by the Clinton Kiwanis Club in honor of a former member.

Opportunities exist for other clubs and divisions to participate in this ongoing program. More Information on the cabin adoption program is available.