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Kamp Kiwanis - Owned and operated by the New York District Kiwanis Foundation

Lower Kamp Area

Path to Lower Level at Kamp Kiwanis

Lower Cabins

A variety of trees and plant life line the path through woods from the pond level to the lower level. The walk is an adventure unto itself and a challenge to the knowledge of even the best naturalists. Benches are positioned along the path for those who want to stop and enjoy the view, sounds and smells.

The cabins on the lower level are similar in rustic design to those on the upper level but they were built a great number of years earlier when the camp hosted only boys. The older cabins sleep eight campers and two counselors.

Pool Pool Pool


In the early years, Kampers swam in the man-made pond at the Kamp. The first pool at the kamp opened in 1976, and second one was installed in 2002 in the same location.

The pool has many features to make it accessible to the handicapped and is a favorite location for the kampers throughout the suummer. Pool


Bath House and Shelter

Next to the pool is a modern bath house. In addition to changing, rest room and shower facilities, the bath house has a fully equipped laundry facility and other features designed to support the use of the pool as well as provide a showering area for the kampers and staff living in the nearby cabins.

A shelter next to the pool provides shade.