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Kamp Kiwanis - Owned and operated by the New York District Kiwanis Foundation

Upper Area

Welcome to Kamp Kiwanis
Entrance Sign to Kamp Kiwanis

Entrance Sign

As you approach Kamp Kiwanis along Kiwanis Road in the Town of Taberg, NY, your arrival will be heralded by this entrance sign.

Built as a lasting memorial to First Lady Janis Calabrese, the sign carries these words: "Where Kiwanis Builds Tomorrow's Memories."

Many thousands of children and now adults as well know that this saying is true as they recall the many happy and carefree days they spent with new-found friends during their week in camp.

Governor's Hall

West Wall

The building known as Governor's Hall at the Kamp has undergone many changes over the years. Originally an open pavilion attached to the north end of the dining hall, Governor's Hall served as a wet weather refuge and as additional eating area.

For many years the building's west wall was being filled in with commemorative bricks purchased by Kiwanis clubs and individuals who wanted to support the Kamp by making a donation and placing a permanent memorial there by participating in the District Foundation's Brick Program. You also can access a searchable database of the bricks which have been purchased.

The building is an extension of the dining hall and also is available for many Kamp and other activities.

At left, visitors to the Kamp look over the commemorative bricks on the west wall.

This mural is one of three painted on the wall inside the building in July of 2003. The mural was done by Splashes of Hope, a non-profit organization of artists who paint murals on the walls of institutions responsible for physical and mental health care. The creations are designed to stimulate the healing process by giving children a soothing visual focus.

Administration Building

admin bldg Admin bldg

The first building as you turn in the driveway is the Administration Building. This building houses the offices of both the camp's Executive Director and the Summer Camp Program Director. The Infirmary, which is also located there, is staffed by a full-time registered nurse who is on duty during the entire camping session.

The administration building underwent significant changes in 2004 and 2005. Once the year-round home for the kamp's executive director as well as the kamp office and infirmary, the building has been expanded to include a new infirmary.

The picture above was taken from the south, the one at left from the north.

Kamp Infirmary


At left is a picture of the Infirmary's interior. It features living quarters for the kamp nurse and treatment areas. There are two roll-in showers and an isolation room.

Dining Hall

Dining Hall Exterior

Since it was originally built in 1932, the dining hall has had many renovations. The most recent expansion allowed for a division between the food preparation and cleanup areas in 2002-03. This picture below shows the expanded kitchen in use during the Kamping season. The dining hall was dedicated to the memory of Fran D'Orazi, who was vice president of the District Foundation for many years. kitchen

The seating area in the dining hall.

Morgenroth Drama Center

drama center

Morgenroth Hall, named for Kiwanian Seymour "Cy" Morgenroth, serves as the drama center at the Kamp.

Arts and Crafts Shack

A new and better equipped Arts and Crafts Shack was opened in 2012, sponsored by the Bensonhurst-Bay Ridge Kiwanis Club. The new building has adequate space for activities on rainy days.

Kamp Library

Named the Queens West Foundation Discovery Center, the new Kamp library opened in 2013, providing additional space for book storage, but also new activity space. Its construction was sponsored by the foundation.

Upper Cabin Area

Upper Cabin Group

The upper cabin group includes several cabins and a bathhouse. But, down this paved path and across a small bridge over the stream is a grouping of three additional cabins and a bath house.

All of the facilities are interconnected with paved pathways for the handicapped and are equipped with electrical service. Also, when the cabins were built, gas lines were run to the area so that the cabins can eventually be heated to extend their use in the early spring and late fall.

The bath house on the upper level can accommodate co-ed and handicapped camping.
Path to Upper Cabin Area Upper Bathhouse