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Kamp Kiwanis - Owned and operated by the New York District Kiwanis Foundation

Youth Kamp

2018 Schedule

Week 1: July 8-14
Week 2: July 15-21
Week 3: July 22-28
Week 4: July 29-Aug. 4
Week 5: Aug. 5-11
Week 6: Aug. 12-18

kamp activity
Program Description

The program is designed to mainstream all children including those with special needs. It is non-competitive with emphasis on group and team building. No activity is forced but all are encouraged. Fun is emphasized at all times.

Swimming, boating, fishing, sports, arts and crafts, hikes, games, campfires, skits, nature walks and an opportunity to meet and interact with many other kampers are all part of each week's activities.


Staff members come from several countries, as well as college students, Circle K and Key Club members from the United States. All staff members have been trained to deal with children of all ages. There are many staff on site who are trained in American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and Lifeguarding.

Age limits

8 to 14 (younger and older considered with special approval).

Kampers with Special Needs

Kamp Kiwanis serves youth and individuals with many forms of disabilities and health impairments. All Kampers are mainstreamed during regular camping sessions. Please contact the kamp to discuss if we can provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your Kamper.

Application Dates, Busing

The kamp fee for the 2017 season is $465 per child without transportation, or $615 with transportation.

Reservations are requested by May 1. Applications received after that date will be filled on a first-come, first-paid basis. Application forms can be downloaded from the web site. All fees and application forms should be submitted four weeks before the kamping session.

Preparing for Kamp

What to bring to Kamp

  1. Laundry bag
  2. 1 white T-Shirt to tie-dye
  3. 2 one-piece bathing suits (no bikinis)
  4. 2 bath/beach towels
  5. 2 pairs of closed toe shoes/sneakers (no platform)
  6. 1 pair shower sandals
  7. 7 pairs of socks
  8. 1 raincoat or rain poncho
  9. 2 warm sweaters or sweatshirts
  10. 2 sets of pajamas
  11. 7 T-shirts
  12. 5 pairs of shorts
  13. 4 pairs of light-weight long pants
  14. 7 pairs of underwear
  15. 1 hat/cap (for sun protection)
  16. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  17. Comb/brush
  18. Soap/shampoo/deodorant
  19. Sunscreen (SPF 15+) (no spray)
  20. Bug repellent lotion (no spray)
  21. Water bottle
  22. Pillow, blanket/comforter/quilt/sleeping bag
  23. 1 twin sheet set
  24. Flashlight with spare batteries
  25. Pre-stamped postcards/envelopes for writing home
  26. Optional: Camera (No digital cameras; all cameras will be held by counselors)
What NOT to bring to Kamp:

Do not bring digital cameras, valuables, iPods, MP3 players, iPads, laptops, money, jewelry, CDs, food other than lunch, candy, gum, make-up, jack knives, curling irons/straighteners, hair dryers, cell phones, CD players, hand-held electronic games, stereos, beepers, PDAs, razors.

Don't forget:
While at Kamp
Send Kamper's mail to: Kamper's Name
c/o Kamp Kiwanis
9020 Kiwanis Road
Taberg, NY 13471
E-Mail address: kamp@kampkiwanis.org
Phone:(315) 336-4568
Fax:(315) 336-3845

NOTE: Because of limited telephone service, we are unable to permit kampers to call home or answer any telephone calls under any conditions. Cellular phone use is also prohibited; all cellular phones will be collected and taken to our nurse for safekeeping and returned to the parents/guardians at the end of the session. Calls will be accepted by our staff and will be answered as soon as possible.