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Our mission

The New York District Kiwanis Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life through the summer camp experience, educational opportunities and disaster relief; helping those economically disadvantaged, those with special needs and assisting those affected by natural disasters.

Flowers on Wood

"I know Kamp Kiwanis has lasting effects on it's kampers.  We approach the summer camp experience as a once in a lifetime opportunity for those that would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend such a program.  We give our kampers the access to see the world from different eyes.  We give them a week away from life's everyday complications.  We give them acceptance and friendship."

-Rebecca Lopez Clemence

Executive Director 2005-2020

Why Kamp Kiwanis?

Kamp Kiwanis is aimed at providing fun, physical exercise and adventure. It strives to afford opportunities to participate in a creative outdoor group experience in a democratic setting and develop characteristics of leadership and fair play.

The program at Kamp Kiwanis is designed to mainstream all children, including up to 20 each session with special needs. It is non-competitive with emphasis on group and team building. No activity is forced, but all are encouraged.   We provide the same program for high-functioning adults with special needs with a higher ratio of care.

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