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Brick Program

honor a

person, Club

or division with

an engraved


Flowers on Wood

"Thank you for giving me the best childhood I could have ever asked for."

-Reba C.

Former Kamper

The commemorative Brick Program was designed to provide working capital for Kamp Kiwanis. Each brick is custom engraved with the name of the Person, Club, Division, or in memory of that very special person in your club. These bricks cover 4 exterior walls of the Governor's and Dining Halls at Kamp Kiwanis.  There are plans for an added wall.

Purchasing a brick is a wonderful way to recognize the good works of an outstanding Lt. Governor, Club Officer, other club member or community leaders and an equally wonderful way to help support the growth of Kamp Kiwanis.

Below are shown the sizes, number of letters available, and cost of each size brick.


You also can search a database of bricks that have been purchased to date.





Brick Size, Text Allowed and Cost

4" x 8"         2 Lines, 14 Spaces per Line          $150

12" x 12"          6 Lines, 20 Spaces per Line          $750

(The 16" by 16" and the 24" x 24" bricks are no longer available.)

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