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Children Kamp

kamp offers 6 weeks of kamp to children

each summer

Flowers on Wood

"I love Kamp Kiwanis because here I get to have fun and run around."



What is it like to be a kamper at Kamp Kiwanis?

Days at Kamp are full of adventure! You wake up surrounded by your cabin mates — how much fun is that?!? You dash off to the blacktop to sing, and then to breakfast.

Kids come first at Kiwanis, and that’s especially true when it comes to food. If it isn’t fun to eat, why serve it? Our talented kitchen staff  have the most fun during the summer as they’re preparing kampers’ favorite meals.

Breakfast Favorites

  • Waffles with meat cookies (sausage)

  • Donuts and Cereal

  • Bacon and Eggs

  • Bagels

After the meal, it’s flag raising! Then you are off to start your first period.


After flag raising, you have 3 activity periods.   You may go to Arts and Crafts and make a journal or paper airplanes.  Then you might head to sports and play Kamp Kiwanis' favorite sport Boxball.  After that you may head to Nature and go on a hike, climbing a trail that can only be completed by holding onto a rope.  

After your first 3 activities you will head out back to the blacktop to sing Kamp songs.  The louder you sing the quicker you get inside.  At meal times you can sit anywhere you like so if you are missing your sister or brother you can sit with them.  Afterwards you head back to your cabin for some much needed rest, where you sit on your bed, read, write letters, make lanyards or play solitaire.

Lunch  favorites

  • Chicken Quesadillas

  • Mac n' Cheese

  • Taco's

  • Chicken Patty Sandwiches

  • Everything Bar

The Everything Bar is just what it sounds like, we have yogurt, fresh fruit, pasta, hummus, green salad, nuts, pita bread and cut dipping vegetables.



After you have had a much deserved rest you head out to your last 3 activities.  You may go swimming, then onto fishing to see who can catch the biggest fish, before you throw it back in to swim away.  After fishing you may head to MDD to get ready for the Kamp lip sync.


After your afternoon activities you will head back to the blacktop to sing and then onto dinner.  After dinner you will go to the flag pole for  flag lowering.

Dinner Favorites 

  • Hot dogs and hamburgers

  • Lasagna

  • Turkey, Mash and Gravy

  • Corn dogs and fries


After flag lowering you will head to our all-Kamp evening activities.  An evening activity may be a camp fire, a lip sync battle, the Kamp Dance or Awards Night.  Here you will have a snack before the younger kids head off to bed.  The oldest children 13-14 year olds will have social time and head off to the cabins to get ready for bed.   

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