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The Foundation

The New York District Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. is the charitable funding arm of the NY District of Kiwanis International with 3 programs:

Kamp Kiwanis

College Scholarships

Disaster Relief

Flowers on Wood

"Proudly each and every member of the NY District is an integral part of our Foundation, without whom there would be no scholarships, no disaster relief, no Kamp.  Unfortunately, many Kiwanians don't realize the impact they have on some seriously underprivileged children many of which for the first time have breakfast, lunch and dinner on the same day, many who have never slept in their own bed or have been given new clothes, received an award or made a real friend.  The New York District Kiwanis Foundation has made a positive impact on thousands of lives.  I could not be prouder of the commitment and dedication of everyone that insures its continued success."

-PG Forbes Irvine.

Past Foundation Secretary

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