Meet the Directors

We're on a mission

As camp directors, we understand the power of Kamp Kiwanis.  Days are filled with fun and personal growth. You are trusting us with your most important person, and it is our goal to provide our kampers with the best experiences possible!  We want our kampers to know that they matter each and every day.  The Kiwanis Clubs entrust us with ensuring that their hard work fundraising for kamperships is well used and that each kamper's well-being and safety is our first priority.  

"Our daughter had an amazing time at Kamp! Big thank you to the Kamp staff for making her first 'week away from home' a great one!!!"

-Steve H

Kamper Parent

Rebecca Lopez Clemence

Executive Director

Rebecca and her husband Luke continue the 52 year legacy of Kamp Kiwanis.  Rebecca began with Kiwanis in 2005 as the Executive Director.  She has spent her life at camp, attending as a child and then beginning work at a camp at just 14 years of age serving youth with Special Needs.  From there and throughout college Rebecca worked at various types of camps throughout the country. The camps were varied and served those in an economically upper class and those that were for children with an economic need.  She has experience working at youth shelters, group homes, parks & recreation departments and Girl Scouts.  

Rebecca spends her days speaking with Kiwanians and parents ensuring that the kampers, the property and the program are well cared for. 

Luke Clemence

camp Director

 Luke began with Kiwanis in 2005 as the Camp Director.  He began his summer camp experience in Massachusetts as a counselor and quickly was promoted to leadership and then the assistant director position serving inner city youth that were economically disadvantaged.  Prior to his full time status at Kamp Kiwanis,  he studied Philosophy and Social Work in England.  He also worked as an Operations Director of a small chain of Champagne bars.  In his off time Luke enjoys working out and Thai Boxing.  

Luke spends his days in the off season hiring staff, planning the summers programming and taking care of the Kamp property.  In season, Luke ensures the day to day operations of the Kamp are successful from food to staff supervision to ensuring the success of the kamper experience.  

Dori Gross

assistant camp Director

Dori began her journey at Kamp Kiwanis as a kamper in 2005 and has been with us ever since. She graduated from Mount Saint Mary College with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in 2017 and graduated from Adelphi University with a Masters in Social Work in 2019. Dori has worked as a youngest boys counselor and in various roles on our leadership team since the summer of 2014. Dori loves returning to kamp every year because of the lifelong friendships, transferable skills, and memories that have been formed and grown throughout the years. She also enjoys watching the kampers coming back year after year and watching them grow and make memories at a place that she cherishes. 


Whilst at Kamp, Dori spends her days ensuring that kampers get to Kamp and ensuring their happiness once they arrive.