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Parent /Guardian Communication

Team work

Here at Kamp we know we are just borrowing your most precious person, so we try to keep in contact with parents and guardians as much as possible.  Our communication starts before a kampers arrival and continues during their stay.  

Flowers on Wood

"Ariana had    such an amazing week! She wanted to say thank you to all the Kiwanis staff members for giving her such a week to remember!"

-Rosa T.

Kamper Parent




snail mail

9020 Kiwanis Road

Taberg, NY  13471

Bark and Woodchip

Snail Mail

Letters and care Packages

Please label all mail with the kamper's name and session number.  We encourage you to write letters and let your kamper know you are thinking of them.  Please encourage them to have a good time and to enjoy the experience.  If you are sending a care package please do not send gum.  If you do send candy, please send enough for the whole cabin, as it encourages sharing and kindness to others.  

Bark and Woodchip

Phone Calls

Phone calls and cell phones

Kampers do not have access to the phone while they are at Kamp, however we do encourage them to write home as often as possible. In fact, we supply the kampers with post cards so that they can send you notes as often as they would like, we encourage this during rest hour each day.  Cell phones are an electronic device and we do not allow these at Kamp as we want the kampers to experience the outdoors electronic free.  

You of course can call and ask to speak to your kamper's Unit Leader.  They will give you an update of your kamper and their activities.  If you have to leave a message they will return your call within 2 hours.  In addition, we will call you if your kamper is having a hard time adjusting or if anything "unusual" happens.  

Bark and Woodchip


Email and facebook messenger

Email and Facebook Messenger is a great way to contact your kamper.  You can write a note in an email or on Facebook messenger and we will print them out and their Unit Leader will deliver them daily.  Kampers are unable to respond back via this format.  Parent's and guardian's are also able to contact us just to check in and our Unit Leaders will be sure to contact you to give you an update on your kamper.  

Bark and Woodchip

Daily Photos

photos of your Kamper

Just in case you feel the need to see your kamper's smiling face, we upload photos periodically to our Facebook page.  

Go onto Facebook and enter Kamp Kiwanis-NY District Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.-Taberg, NY and we will post update on bus arrival at Kamp and photos of the kampers.  

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