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Planned Giving

The Empire Club

Long Range

Planned Giving

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"Making a gift through planned giving, can benefit you through tax relief and the personal satisfaction of leaving a lasting legacy.  "

-PG Joe Eppolito

Empire Club Chair

The Empire Club

The Empire Club is an opportunity to support the New York District with a long-range planned gift to help ensure the longevity of the New York District Foundation for many years to come.

Planned gifts can come in many forms and we encourage you to work with your financial advisor to see what is best for you from a charitable gift standpoint, tax standpoint and personal satisfaction standpoint.

The type and amount of your planned gift will never be revealed to the general Kiwanis population but will be kept in strict confidence. In the brochure we outline the recognition program that we use to recognize your generosity on a District level. Should you desire no public recognition, we will honor your request and just list you as a member of the Empire Club on internal records only.

Should you have any comments, questions or require further information, contact the chair for the Empire Club program,

DPG Joe Eppolito. or (315) 436-2157.

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