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Kamp Kiwanis believes in the staff/kamper partnership.  They together as a cabin group choose their weekly activity schedule so that everyones voice is heard and that every group tries everything.

Flowers on Wood

"I love always coming back to Kamp because no matter how many years you come here, no matter how many times you come, there is always someone new to meet.  There is always something new to do.  Nothing is ever exactly the same.  But it's the same in the way that is comforting that nothing completely changes."

-Jamie B.

Past Kamper, past teen and former staff

**Subject to Change

7:30am-Wake up

8:15am-singing on blacktop


9:15am-Flag Raising

9:30am-Activity 1

10:30am-Activity 2

11:30am-Activity 3

12:25pm-singing on blacktop


1:30pm-Rest hour

2:30pm-Activity 4

3:30pm-Activity 5

4:30pm-Activity 6

5:30pm-singing on blacktop


6:45pm-Flag Lowering

7:00pm-Evening activity


8:30pm-Bedtime Youngest Kampers

8:45pm-Bedtime middle kampers

8:45pm-Social time for Oldest kampers

9:15pm-bedtime oldest kampers

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