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"Because germs easily spread between children, Kamp Kiwanis ensures every camper and staff member undergoes a thorough screening to minimize health risks."

-Elaine S.

Registered  Nurse

Bark and Woodchip

American Camp Association


Kamp Kiwanis is an American Camp Association accredited camp. We undergo a rigorous, multi-day 300 point inspection, to ensure that the camp meets ACA standards.

We attend annual ACA conferences to ensure we are up-to-date with the latest industry best-practices and standards, as well as soaking up new ideas and methods from our fellow camping institutions.

Bark and Woodchip

Health Center

Medical care

We have at least one registered nurses on site at all times and during our Adult Week we have up to four registered nurses on site.  Our camp doctor is always available by phone.  In the event of an emergency, a hospital is located just 15 minutes away.   In the event that a Kamper becomes injured or ill and requires further attention other than a stomach ache, bug bite, tlc or a band aid, we will make every attempt to contact the Parent/Guardian as soon as possible.  

Bark and Woodchip


review and administration

Kamp nurses review each kamper's health records before arrival at Kamp.  The nurses dispense medications daily in the morning, mealtimes. before bedtime and any other specified time. Medication, both prescription and over-the-counter, must be checked in with the bus staff or the nurses at the time of check-in. Our nurses make a medication schedule and your kamper’s counselors will help to see your kamper is receiving their medication at the proper times.

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Bark and Woodchip


Kitchen involvement

We offer 1 Adult Week and 2 child weeks for children for kampers with allergies.   Our cooks are able to provide safe and tasty alternatives for all campers, including but not limited to gluten-free needs, vegan and vegetarian diets, peanut and nut allergies, and lesser-known restrictions like allergies to red-dye. 

Kamper's Epi-pens are kept in the cabin backpack with the counselor and all counselors are trained to assist the kamper in their administration.

Bark and Woodchip

Staff Training

certifications and ratios

The most important safety procedure at camp is staff training. We have a 8-1 Child Kamper to Counselor ratio and   1-1, 1-2 or a 1-3 Adult Kamper to Counselor Ratios.  That means there are lots of trained eyes, and ears, keeping watch over your Kamper.   In each cabin group we have a trained staff member in American Red Cross Lifeguarding, First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer.  Each staff member has had reference checks and background checks.   Some staff train for 3 weeks and all staff train for at least 7 full days of training.  

Bark and Woodchip

Special Needs

children and adults

At Kamp we serve both children and adults with a variety of special needs. 


During our child weeks we mainstream children with special needs into our current programming.  

During adult weeks our program is only for those with high functioning special needs.  Most have learning disabilities in the mild or moderate range and other comorbid conditions.   Our capacity during adult weeks is 45, and we cap the number of campers requiring 1 on 1 care to 6 per session.  

At Kamp, safety is our first priority and we only care for Kampers that we feel we are physically and medically available to care for.  We are unable to care for kampers that utilize invasive procedures such as g-tubes, feeding tubes, etc., any kamper that has been admitted to a mental hospital in the prior 6 months, any kamper making self-harm statements or currently self-harming, any kamper showing violent behavior or any kamper that has displayed fire setting behavior.  We DO ACCEPT kampers that utilize wheelchairs, have  a history or currently bed wet or utilize depends/pull ups, have been diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum, have vision or hearing impairment, or have a variety of other needs.  

We encourage all parents/guardians of kampers with special needs to contact Kamp to discuss if Kamp Kiwanis is the right summer camp for your camper.  

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