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Flowers on Wood

"What started off as a once in a lifetime summer job experience quickly turned into my second home.  I couldn't imagine spending my summers anywhere else."

-Becca Hay

Kamp Staff

We are looking for enthusiastic, fun-loving, and caring counselors to lead our kampers. We’re looking for YOU! 


In everyday situations, counselors model  integrity and service by helping, encouraging, and inspiring kampers to grow in character.

Kamp Kiwanis is one of the few summer jobs where you can help shape a child’s life - mentoring them and participating in their lives in a meaningful way.


You will live in the cabin with the kids, start your day with them, eat meals with them, lead and participate in their activities, play games with them — it’s a full day!

This summer, you can expect to work hard, play harder, build friendships that will last a lifetime, and want to come back to do it all again!


The Right person for the job

Each summer, we welcome 50 counselors from over 10 different countries who are passionate about spending their summers with at Kamp, working with our kampers, and serving as positive role models.

How to work at Kamp

  • Submit an application

  • Interview

  • Submit three references

  • Complete a background check

We Invest in YOU

After you are hired, the next thing is Staff Training. You must give 100%, right from the start, to be a great counselor! We know it’s going to be a challenge at times so we work hard to support you. Training is the first way we do that — preparing you for the summer. Here are a few topics that we will cover:


  •  Commitment

  • Emergency Action Plans

  • Identifying & Preventing Sexual Harassment

  • Rainy Day Games & Programming

  • How to be a Great Coach

  • Staff Expectations

  • Evening Programs

  • Tricks of the Trade

  • How to Ask for Help

  • Being a Leader

  • Parent Communication

  • Camper Interaction

  • Basic First-Aid & Safety

  • Crisis Management


  • Free place to stay this summer (no rent!)

  • Delicious meals 3 times a day, plus a daily snack! (way better than campus food!)

  • Meet friends you will have for a lifetime

  • Learn valuable skills for leadership and management

  • Live in a warm, nurturing,  environment

  • Add an impressive job to your resume (we’ll show you how!)

  • At the end of the summer, you will leave with the knowledge that you have done something worthwhile – not only for yourself, but for others.

KAMPKIWANIS SUMMER 2024 APPLICATIONS will be availablae soon!

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