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If you’re interested in working for an organization dedicated to providing enriching outdoor experiences for children that live beneath the poverty line and adults and children with all abilities, then Kamp Kiwanis is the place for you!   Our employees are guided by our mission and values.

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Since 1968, the New York District Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. (501c3) has provided free program and services in New York State for children that live below the poverty line. The Foundation has continually evolved throughout the years in service of the communities ever changing needs to include services to youth and adults with disabilities; without ever losing focus on diversity, inclusivity, and high-quality programming.

 The jewel of the New York District of Kiwanis is Kamp Kiwanis; a traditional residential summer camp that serves approximately 800 campers each summer.

The Foundation is seeking an Executive Director to continue this storied history of impactful service. The Executive Director is an experienced not for profit leader with a strong ethical and hands on approach to leadership. The Executive Director must be a strategic, analytical thinker and an effective problem solver who demonstrates consistent and fair judgement.

The Executive Director will oversee all operations of Kamp Kiwanis and the Foundation’s other charitable projects. The position requires a leader who can be effective as both a fiscally responsible business steward and a creative and innovative deliverer of program. The Executive Director is a skilled communicator who is equally adept at communicating with a traditional minded volunteer board, donors, vendors, staff, volunteers, service users and their families.

A successful candidate will possess the professional qualifications, experience, and personal attributes to perform the following responsibilities:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible to the NY District Kiwanis Foundation Board of Directors

  • Attend all Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings, (virtual or in-person, as the case may be).

  • Implement and execute all Board approved policies, program goals and objectives.

  • Represent the Foundation at Kiwanis Club Meetings, social, community and fundraising functions.

  • Encourage Kiwanis Family Clubs, other organizations, and individuals to donate to the Foundation.

  • Develop other creative and effective fundraising strategies.

  • Coordinate with all committee chairpersons and committee personnel to implement and execute committee initiatives.

  • Ensure that the Committee’s databases are current i.e., Giving Programs

  • Responsible for the development of the Foundation annual budget and contracts including new, renewal and granting awards.

  • Communicate with internal Foundation Members, Kiwanis members and vendors.

  • Plan, direct and oversee the Kamp Kiwanis Program that reflects the mission.

  • Develop and/or follow established routines, schedules, and procedures for the resident Kamp operation.

  • Maintain the health and safety standards as mandated by NY State and Oneida County Health Departments and be in compliance with American Camp Association Standards.

  • Apply, comply, and report to all granting agencies, including but not exclusively the USDA and Operation Sunshine.

  • Conduct the system for kamper and staff recruitment; paper and virtual registration, job fair attendance, listing job advertisements.

  • Coordinate with the Kiwanis Family Clubs and other organizations to assist in the Kampership Program, assisting clubs and kamper applicants through the application process and following through with fiscal responsibility for each. i.e., billing, maintaining accurate records

  • Submit receivables and payables to the bookkeeper in a timely manner.

  • Work with the Media Director to submit marketing content to the Foundation and carry this through throughout the off-season. i.e., Website, Committee Information, social media, NY District Kiwanis site

  • Ensure the Kamper database Campbrain is updated and maintained with Kamper, Bussing, Medical, Staffing, Financial and Donation information.

  • Hire and directly Supervise the Kamp’s Camp Director, Maintenance Director, Health Director, Administrative Director, Food Service Director, Aquatics Director and oversee all other seasonal Foundation employees.

  • In conjunction with the Kamp Director and Leadership Team prepare and conduct pre-camp and weekly in-service staff training.

  • Define and monitor the crisis management plan to include emergency procedures.

  • Supervise and evaluate or supervise the written evaluations of all operations and program staff twice a season.

  • Supervise and observe or supervise the weekly written observations of all operations and program staff.

  • Supervise the weekly written observations of all kampers.

  • Supervise the daily health center, maintenance, aquatic and food service records.

  • Order or supervise the ordering of food, supplies, and equipment within the parameters of the annual budget.

  • Maintain and review records and evaluations of all programs, incidents, operations, kampers, staff and facilities.

  • Prepare or supervise the preparation of an evaluation and summary of each season including inventories, program, and property evaluations to include recommendations for the following season.


Qualifications, Skills, and Experience

  • Must have a Bachelors in camp administration or related degree or 25 years of age or older and at least 24 weeks of previous administrative or supervisory experience in camping or equivalent experience acceptable to the State Commissioner of Health. (Must be documented)

  • Must submit a yearly notification from the department of Social Services State Central Register of Abuse and Maltreatment that the director has not been subject of an investigation report.

  • Must submit a yearly submission of a form entitled Prospective Children’s Camp Directors Certified Statement Relative to the Conviction of a crime or the existence of a Pending Criminal action, as developed by the Commissioner, and a determination by the local permitting-issuing official that the camp director has no criminal conviction record for which; there is a direct relationship between one or more of the criminal offences and the applicants employment as a Camp Director; And Employment as a Camp Director would involve as unreasonable risk to the property or to the safety or welfare of the camp participant or the general public.

  • At least 2 years of Residential Camp Administrative Experience. i.e., Camp Director, Asst. Director, head counselor.

  • American Camp Association (Basic) Camp Director Certificate and/or Visitor preferred.

  • Experience in QuickBooks or similar accounting program and/or education in general accounting procedures.

  • Experience in ADP payroll accounting and/or education in payroll accounting.

  • Experience in office procedures. i.e., Filing, phones, photocopying

  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Experience with CampBrain preferred.

  • Experience with Wix preferred.

  • Experience with serving people who live below the poverty line preferred.

  • Experience with people with disabilities, both adults and children.

  • Experience in behavior management.

  • Experience with the supervision of construction and building and land maintenance.

  • Desire to work with an older generation of volunteers.

  • Desire to work and live at a residential summer camp, 12 months of the year.

  • Possess or have the ability to obtain a NY State Driver’s License with a clean driving record.

  • Other duties as required.

Essential Functions

  • Communicate with kampers, staff and Kiwanis Family Members.

  • Use maintenance equipment and tools.

  • Have the physical strength to lift, dig, load, unload, mop, clean and repair, etc.

  • Use office equipment, computers, phones, and radios.

  • Lift and/or assist Kampers.

  • Read prescriptions and health examinations by physicians.

  • Keep orderly files and records.

  • Observe and assess the health, safety, and sanitary conditions of the property.

  • Identify and respond to hazards.

  • Work with different ages and skill levels.

  • Plan and execute the Kamp Program.

  • Assist kampers and staff in emergencies. i.e., fire, evacuation, illness, injury

Flowers on Wood

"What started off as a once in a lifetime summer job experience quickly turned into my second home.  I couldn't imagine spending my summers anywhere else."

-Becca Hay

Kamp Staff

We are looking for enthusiastic, fun-loving, and caring counselors to lead our kampers. We’re looking for YOU! 


In everyday situations, counselors model  integrity and service by helping, encouraging, and inspiring kampers to grow in character.

Kamp Kiwanis is one of the few summer jobs where you can help shape a child’s life - mentoring them and participating in their lives in a meaningful way.


You will live in the cabin with the kids, start your day with them, eat meals with them, lead and participate in their activities, play games with them — it’s a full day!

This summer, you can expect to work hard, play harder, build friendships that will last a lifetime, and want to come back to do it all again!


The Right person for the job

Each summer, we welcome 50 counselors from over 10 different countries who are passionate about spending their summers with at Kamp, working with our kampers, and serving as positive role models.

How to work at Kamp

  • Submit an application

  • Interview with a member of full-time staff

  • Interview again

  • Submit three references

  • Complete a background check

We Invest in YOU

After you are hired, the next thing is Staff Training. You must give 100%, right from the start, to be a great counselor! We know it’s going to be a challenge at times so we work hard to support you. Training is the first way we do that — preparing you for the summer. Here are a few topics that we will cover:


  •  Commitment

  • Emergency Action Plans

  • Identifying & Preventing Sexual Harassment

  • Rainy Day Games & Programming

  • How to be a Great Coach

  • Staff Expectations

  • Evening Programs

  • Tricks of the Trade

  • How to Ask for Help

  • Being a Leader

  • Parent Communication

  • Camper Interaction

  • Basic First-Aid & Safety

  • Crisis Management


  • Free place to stay this summer (no rent!)

  • Delicious meals 3 times a day, plus a daily snack! (way better than campus food!)

  • Meet friends you will have for a lifetime

  • Learn valuable skills for leadership and management

  • Live in a warm, nurturing,  environment

  • Add an impressive job to your resume (we’ll show you how!)

  • At the end of the summer, you will leave with the knowledge that you have done something worthwhile – not only for yourself, but for others.

Come back to apply in January 2023 for the 2023 Season