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Teen Leadership Program

The teen leadership program is made for teens aged   15-17 that have attended Kamp Kiwanis in the past or Key club members

Flowers on Wood

"The Teen Leadership Program is the ultimate experience.  This program provides hands on training to prepare the teens with the skills and experience they will need in order to become a counselor.  Kamp Kiwanis was the stepping stone I needed and fully prepare me to where I am in my career today."

-Michelle McWhinnie

Past Teen and Past  Teen Director

Bark and Woodchip

Our Teens are Rock Stars

Our Teen Kampers are the rock stars of Kamp Kiwanis.  Everyone knows them and looks up to them.

Our Teen program is made to instill Leadership skills, developing our oldest kampers as positive role models for our youngest kampers.  

The teens are assigned a cabin or program areas to shadow counselors and attend a teen training daily.

The Teen program has a seperate Teen application that the teen must fill out themselves.  Acceptance is not guaranteed.

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