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Kamp  Kiwanis

we love kamp and  consider Kamp Kiwanis to be the Jewel of the NY District of Kiwanis

our priority is serving as many deserving kampers as we can

Flowers on Wood

"We call Kamp "The Jewel".  It truly is a jewel.  The colors are magnificent, the emerald green grass, the bright sunshine is there, the kids.  It is just wonderful."

-PFL Helene Irvine

Kiwanis Member

Bark and Woodchip

Kamp Kiwanis offers a unique Kamp experience for campers ages 8-14, a teen program for teens ages 15-17 and for adults with high functioning special needs ages 18+.  The child program at Kamp is designed to mainstream all kampers including up to 20 each session with special needs. We want our Kampers to explore the world through environmental  and cultural activities while respecting the rights and dignity of all kampers and staff.   Kampers and staff work together to build self-esteem and cooperative peer relationships.   Kamp Kiwanis offers a special place for self-discovery, laughter, fun and personal growth.  Through small group interactions, kampers have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and others as well as increase their self-confidence. By offering positive role models and challenging activities, we foster kamper's development of new skills and respect for the community.  

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