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Flowers on Wood

"So happy to see that Keira and Stephen arrived at Kamp Kiwanis safe and sound! I miss them already!!!"

-Christine D. M.

Kamper Parent

Opening Day Transportation

We can hardly wait, each year these are the days we look forward to.   These are the days that we plan for!

Arriving by Car

Our gates open for Kamp check-in at 3:00pm.  Our staff are not ready for kampers until this time.  You will check-in at the check-in table.  Be sure to have photo id and are a person listed on the admit and release form.  Staff will place name tags on your kampers luggage and will deliver it to your kampers cabin.  You and your kamper will then proceed to the health center where you will meet with the nurse and hand over any medication.  Your kamper will take a photograph and then have a health check.  After this is complete, parent/guardians say goodbye to their kamper and the kampers meet their counselors and bunk mates.

Kamp Kiwanis provides bussing throughout most of New York State.  The bussing is limited by geography. Child Kampers are assigned their week of attendance by where the sponsoring club is located. (As Kiwanis Clubs normally sponsor within their local community, children are bussed from their local community.)  Bus stops are located within communities. 


Parents/Guardians  are emailed and called on the Friday morning before the kampers arrival on a Sunday to confirm the time and location of the bus stop. 


The bus and three counselors will arrive at the designated stop.  One counselor will remain on the bus, one counselor will assist with luggage and one counselor will be in charge of checking your kamper in.  Please have photo identification for the person checking in the kamper.  This person must be listed on the Admit and Release form.  You will also need a lunch packed for your kamper for the bus and if your child needs any medication whilst at Kamp.  Please have the medication in their original bottles packed in a ziploc bag with their name on it and ready to hand the counselor checking in your kamper. Please inform the staff if your child needed to take any medication before night-time medications, so it can be administered on the bus. 


Once checked in, the counselor will place a name tag on your kampers wrist, they will then hand over the remaining name tags to the counselor handling the luggage.  All luggage will be tagged and put on the bus.  The kamper will say goodbyes and will enter the bus.  The bus will arrive to Kamp between 3:30pm-6:00pm depending upon traffic and stops.

Important Information

*Only kampers and Kamp staff are allowed on the bus

*A minimum of 3 staff will be assigned each bus trip one of them will be trained in American Red Cross First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer.

*Kamp has designated NUT-FREE weeks.  During these weeks please do not pack any product containing nuts or manufactured in a facility with nuts as some kampers have severe nut allergies.


*Kampers and parents must stay clear of the bus until it is stopped.  Kamp staff will inform you when they are ready to load the kampers.

*Person using wheelchairs must be able to get onto the bus with a staff person's assistance.  There are a limited amount of wheelchair accessible seating.  Please contact the Kamp to ensure bussing is available.


*Kamper behavior: If a kampers behavior is jeopardizing the health and safety of other participants on the bus, the bus will stop in a safe area, the police will be called and the parent/guardian will need to come pick up their kamper.


*Any person picking up a kamper must be listed on the Authorization to Admit and Release Form.  This person must have photo identification.


*If your kamper is not picked up at Kamp or at the bus stop and all emergency numbers are exhausted, the Kamp will contact authorities to pick up your kamper to ensure their safety.  NOT PICKING UP YOUR KAMPER IS CONSIDERED ABANDONMENT. 


*If for any reason a kamper does not show up at the bus stop or Kamp for drop-off, staff will contact all emergency numbers to establish a camper's attendance.

*If for any reason the bus is late longer than 30-45 minutes, staff will contact parent/guardians will a new estimated arrival time.

Bus Rules

*No one leaves the bus without proper supervision

*All staff and participants must remain seated with seat belts on during the trip unless the restroom is needed.

*No horseplay will be allowed at any time.  Movies will be played to pass the time and arts & crafts activities will be provided.

*All busses have a capacity of 39-56 passengers and will not be overloaded for any reason.  


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