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Property  & Facilities


Kamp is located on 102 acres of open and wooded land in the rolling, western foothills of the adirondack mountains.

Flowers on Wood

"You become like family, like you and your whole cabin is a family and there are a bunch of families just hanging out."

-Ryleigh B.

Past Kamper and current teen

Bark and Woodchip


The cabins at Kamp are wood structured buildings with bunk beds.  Each cabin houses from 14 people to 28 people.  Two cabins on Kamp have a Bathroom in them.


Kamp has 2 bathhouses, one in upper Kamp (Girls Hill) and one in lower Kamp (boys Hill).  Toilets and showers are individual and child kampers bathe in their swimsuits.

Bark and Woodchip


The pool at Kamp is a play pool and is 4fT deep at it's deepest point.  kampers swim once per day and go through a swim assessment before swimming.

Lake Janis

Lake Janis is a man made pond that fills from sash Creek.  child Kampers canoe, kayak or paddle boat each Wednesday.

Bark and Woodchip

Health Center

Our health center was remodeled in 2020 and houses 4 beds in the main infirmary and one bed in our isolation room.  At least 1 RN sleeps in the Health center in a private bedroom.


kampers practice catch and release on our fishing dock overlooking lake Janis.

Bark and Woodchip

Music/Dance/Drama Building

The MDD building on Kamp houses a stage and costume closet where the kampers can show their skills.  It is utilized for the majority of our evening activities.


Kamp has a small garden in upper kamp at the crest of Girls Hills.  The children grow fruit, flowers and Herbs.

Bark and Woodchip

Discovery Center

The Discovery center houses our Kamp Library.  Kampers are encouraged to pick books that interest them so they may take them home.  Every kamper goes home with a book.  We also use it as a game room.

Arts & Crafts Shack

This building built in 2012 houses our arts & crafts program.  Children tye-dye and make works of art to take home.

Bark and Woodchip

Dining Hall and Governors Hall

This L shaped building is multi-faceted.  It can feed up to 200 people, houses a commercial kitchen and doubles as a rainy Day Program area with a stage.

The Shoppe

The Shoppe is housed in the Dining Hall.  Kampers earn tokens that they can purchase small toys and sweets.

Bark and Woodchip

Don's Gathering Place

Don's Gathering Place is also known as tenting village.  The child kampers camp out there in tents or the large teepee. 

Ivan Tarnapoll Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre was completed in 2023 and is used as an additional activity space.

Bark and Woodchip



Our sporting program is expansive.  We utilize many spaces within the Kamp property.  We play Basketball and boxball on our blacktop.  We play kickball on our baseball field.  We play volleyball on the grass in front of the sporting shed.  We also play soccer, Rugby, dodgeball, duck Duck goose and water sports on our meadow or our other 2 fields.

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